Bibliomp Burn Bonds.

Available until October 1st 2022

On the 17th of each month, with interest on the principal sum from the date burnt, at the rate specified hereon, this BURN COUPON for xBIBLx eligiblifies you by Bibliomp through the HadaNFT platform on XRPL and no other platforms or networks unless and until we can maybe someday probably.

This BURN COUPON is one of a series of tiered BURN COUPONS authorized directly by BIBLIOMP. All BURN COUPONS are acquired only by burning the circulating supply of xBIBLx. You may not acquire these coupons through drowning, shooting, stabbing, smashing, bashing, or any non burning ways of xBIBLx destruction. If you think that is boring try watching less TV.

Fire is cool AF. Good for one year with the option to opt out or renew for 3/4 the value upon the expiration date stamped with the ink of the Biblioberries. In xBIBLx We Trust.

Issuer wallet $xBiblx:
Issuer wallet BiblBonds (All):
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